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What is Quality Assurance?

Quality can mean different things to different people. Quality in livestock might mean how an animal looks, its potential breeding value or how the meat looks and tastes.

Caring for Animals Worksheet

The Nebraska 4-H Assuring Quality program will focus on one aspect of quality — that of the meat and food products that come from livestock.

  • Are the products good to eat?
  • Are they safe and healthy?
  • Do they taste good?
  • Are they tender?

Picture of Grilling
Picture of School Lunch

Assurance means a pledge or promise. So, quality assurance for livestock producers means making a promise to consumers — the people who consume the meat, milk and dairy products, and eggs that come from livestock and poultry. The promise we make is that products from our livestock will be the highest possible quality and we will do everything we can to make these products safe to eat.

Who is responsible for Quality Assurance?

Everyone involved in the food business is responsible for quality assurance, including:

  • livestock producers
  • food processors, including packing plants and milk plants
  • retailers and food services, including restaurants
  • consumers.

Picture of Swine Producer
Picture of Sausage
Picture of School lunch meat

View the Food Chain

Every consumer has the right to buy a safe food product. Consumers have the responsibility of properly handling and preparing food products after they buy them. However, there are many steps in the production of meat, milk and egg products before the consumer buys them.

As a livestock producer, you have a responsibility to consumers. Every livestock producer is important! Even if you have only one or two animals, you are still producing food for someone to eat. Your role is to provide proper care during the time you own and are responsible for your animals. Proper care of your animals will help produce safe, high quality meat, poultry and dairy products.

Character Counts! Responsibility

What percent of the population are involved in producing food?

Food processors and retailers also must take responsibility for their part in the production of animal food products.

When everyone does their part in quality assurance, the result is a safe, high quality food supply for everyone!

Your role in Quality Assurance
What is involved in the proper care of your animals? We will discuss five major areas of proper care, including:

1. Daily Care and Management
2. Prevention
3. Handling
4. Carcass Quality
5. Medication

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